Bay of Islands Yacht Club COVID Safety Procedures
To keep boating at the Bay of Islands Yacht Club safe during the COVID-19 pandemic the club reminds all members and guests of the following safety requirements in effect at the club.    CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Student Summer Employment Program  JOB/POSITION
The Bay of Islands Yacht Club has been approved for one Canada Summer Jobs program position. The position begins on or about July 1, 2020 and provides 8 weeks of work at 35 hours per week at the provincial minimum wage. 

TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION: Send your résumé and a covering letter describing your work and education experience and showing how these relate to the duties of the position to:  as soon as possible.

Hydralic Boat Trailer Operators Needed
Orientation, training and mentoring by our senior members on the operation of the Hydralic Boat Trailer. If you are interested in becoming a proficient operator of the trailer please contact Anthony Chadderton,  Harbour Master to make arrangements.
Phone   630-2828